Hello World!

Well hello there! After years of reading all of your beautiful blogs, I finally decided to carve out a place in the blogosphere for myself. I have been wanting to start a blog for quite a while, but am only now finding the time, motivation, courage, and energy to do so. I’m really excited to start sharing my thoughts, interests, and daily life with you!

Who am I? I’m a 20-something graduate student in materials science who does indeed love science…

Yay science!

…but admittedly has many other interests as well.

These other distractions interests include things like coffee, reading, traveling, dancing, and volunteering. I live a very active life, and (in keeping with the Latin theme I’ve established thus far for this blog) my motto is “Laboris gloria Ludi” (work hard, play hard).

So what kind of blog is this going to be? Honestly, I’m not too sure about that yet. I know first and foremost that it will be a place to share my life with my family and friends who live far away (hi Mom and Dad!). Additionally, I’ll write reviews of the books I read, and blog about reading in general (the title of my blog does mean “from the books” after all…). Finally, I imagine this will be a place for me to “sound off” on things that amuse and/or bemuse me (i.e. graduate school). Oh yea, and there might be some science thrown in there as well.

That’s all for now, and thanks for reading! Happy Monday everyone!