Weekend Update: Books and Birthday Parties

Hello again!  I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! Thanks for all of the supportive feedback I’ve gotten so far!

As a busy graduate student, I look forward to the weekend. It’s a time for me to kick back and pretend I have a normal job…even if only for 24-36 hours. So, in the spirit of appreciating the free-time I do have, I plan to write a “weekend update” as a semi-regular feature on my blog. So without further ado…here is my Weekend Update!


This weekend was very busy, even by my standards. Here are some images from the weekend:


On Saturday, C and I went to two birthday parties. The first party was in the afternoon for his nephew, Nate, who just turned 1. We had a nice time at the party catching up with family, eating, and watching the baby get cake all over his face. After the party, we hurried home, changed, and hopped on the CTA for the second birthday party, which was being held in honor of C’s friend Rebecca.

The first stop of Rebecca’s birthday party was Lady Gregory’s for dinner and drinks. Lady G’s is a new(ish) Irish bar and restaurant in Andersonville, and it has plenty of seating and tons of character. Since I was still full from all the food I ate at Nate’s party, I just ordered a bowl of the baked french onion soup and a Metropolitan Iron Works Alt beer. The soup was delicious (and the perfect size for my diminished appetite) and I really enjoyed the beer as well. C ordered the Shepard’s Pie which was also tasty, although perhaps not quite as good as the Shepard’s Pie at Nevins or the Celtic Knot. Additionally, the table service was good, even though the place was absolutely packed. In fact, our waiter replaced a drink for a gal at our table who spilled it not long after she got it (which I thought was pretty classy). On the whole, I would recommend a stop at this establishment if you find yourself in the neighborhood.

After Lady G’s, we made at stop at the famous (and infamous) Hop Leaf. I have been to the Hop Leaf several times, and I have never been disappointed. The food is excellent, and they have some of the best beers on tap in town. However,  like any place that serves great food and drinks…it’s ALWAYS packed (word on the street is they are opening up a new room soon though!). This Saturday night was no exception, and the only table open was all the up on the 3rd floor. There is a small bar up here, and pictured above are two beers that C and I got–a Lindemans Framboise for me and La Fin Du Monde for C.

Happy birthday Nate and Rebecca!


As I have mentioned previously, I love to read. So, when I heard of a new science book club starting at school I was one of the first to join. Our book for next month, pictured above, is Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain by David Eagleman. I also recently joined the local public library, and I picked up this book on Sunday. I’ll post a review after I have finished reading it.


I have been unable to exercise for almost a year now due to a foot injury (which I am sure to blog about at some point), but I am trying to get back into it. Before I left physical therapy a few months ago, they gave me a “Return to Running” program which I have been dutifully following. To celebrate my return to running, I decided to buy a new pair of running shoes with my lovely friend Beth (who blogs over at Science and Cupcakes) on Sunday. We bought the shoes at Murphy’s Fit, which is a local shoe store in Evanston. I like the idea of shopping local, and I love the good service I get every time I shop there. It’s one of the few shoe stores left where the salespeople actually know things about shoes and feet. When you walk in, they have you take off your shoes and they watch you walk to assess the type of shoe most appropriate for your feet. They put all kinds of different shoes on your feet (and I mean they literally put them on your feet), and encourage you to go for a quick run outside to try them out. Pictured above are the shoes I finally settled on.


Whew! That wraps up the weekend. I hope you had a great one too! In other news, I found out this evening that my fellowship was renewed for another year! Hurrah!

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  1. K-la
    May 03, 2012 @ 20:21:54

    You seem to have forgotten about the delicious dinner/wine-drinking/board game-playing extravaganza with some awesome people on Friday :p

    p.s. I’m enjoying reading your and Beth’s blogs 🙂


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