Thursday Thoughts (on a Friday) 17.0

Hello friends! I can’t believe it’s May already! Also, I can’t believe it’s been since early MARCH since I gave any update on what’s been going on in my life lately. Thus, today’s “thoughts” are on the longer side…



Some quick work updates:

1) My fellowship was renewed for year 3. Yay money!!!! It’s always comforting to know I’ll be able to eat and pay rent.

2) This week we *finally* finished taking all the data for the “short” project I was put on two months ago. Hopefully the writing phase will go quickly and we can get this paper submitted as soon as possible!

3) I’ve begun preparations for my summer internship for my fellowship. It looks like I’ll be headed to the D.C. area again, but will only stay for two week intervals. This will allow me (and my lab mate with the same fellowship) to prepare samples at school and then measure them at the national lab. Hopefully it’ll be a productive summer!


Nail Art:


Base/Top Coat: Sally Hansen Flawless

Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Midnight in New York

Glitter Polish: Revlon Sparkling


Base/Top Coat: Sally Hansen Flawless

Nail Polish: Cover Girl Sangria

Accent Nail: Revlon Pink Lingerie, O.P.I. Alpine Snow, Essie Good as Gold


The previous two years I have gone home for spring break and thus have missed celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. This year however I stayed in Chicago and was excited to get the “real” Chicago St. Pat’s Day experience. The day began bright and early with a visit to the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  After a long (and very interesting) train ride downtown we followed the crowd over to the parade. And boy was it CROWDED. I’ve always heard that parades are better watched on T.V. at home and now I totally know why people would say that. It was really fun to be there in person…but honestly it was cold, crowded, and we couldn’t see that much.

After the parade was over, we headed to the river which is dyed green every year in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. We didn’t make it downtown early enough to see the ceremony, but we did still get the obligatory picture by the green river. Aww aren’t we cute? 🙂


After having some lunch, we headed to some local watering holes for a few green beers. Overall it was a great day, and now I can finally say I’ve had the real Chicago St. Pat’s Day experience.


Every quarter, the ladies in my year get together for a girl’s night. Typically we have dinner and watch a movie/chat at someone’s place. This quarter we decided to go out for Mediterranean food and then go bowling! Our first stop was Zizi’s in Lakeview. Admittedly the service is really slow, but the food was excellent! Plus it’s a BYOB…you can’t go wrong with that! Usually, we forget to take pictures, but I actually remembered this time!


After stuffing ourselves full of Zizi’s, we headed to the Seven Ten Lounge for bowling. It was definitely one of the classier bowling alleys I’ve ever been to. What WAS unusual though was we had to keep score–no electronic scoring keeping here! Thank goodness Sarah remembered the bowling section from her high school gym class and we were able to keep an accurate tally! We had a great time, and I especially enjoyed watching Dana granny bowl…


Going for a strike!


A few weekends ago I took a self defense course through my university. It was quite the eye opening experience. Much of the class focused on awareness and avoidance, which is the first (and probably most important line) of self defense. The final (most intense) portion of the class was the hands-on defense training. I liked the fact that the things they taught us didn’t necessarily require a lot of strength as I discovered throughout the course of the class that I am (shockingly enough) not very strong.  At the end of the weekend, we were put through four real world scenarios. The instructor put on pads, and we were able to go at him with full force. It wasn’t a stretch of the imagination to be a little bit afraid because with all of those pads on he kind of looked like Robocop…

photo 2(1)

photo 3(1)

photo 1(1)

I hope and pray that I will never need to use most of what I learned in that class (although I intend to go back to a class next year and practice), but it does give me options should I never need them.


Well it seems the time is right to do both a March and an April work-out wrap up since I never got around to it in the month of April. As you can see I’m doing pretty well…


My goal is to get in 1000 miles of cardio this year which means I must do about 85 miles every month. In both March and April I exceeded 85 miles, so I am well on my way to meeting my goal! Admittedly, the increase in miles the past two months has been due to (slightly) better weather which allows me to walk to school, but I still think it’s a good thing since the focus of project is on being more active.

I’m wavering on whether or not I should sign up for a 5k sponsored by my graduate school in a few weeks. It’s only $10 to register AND is a really low pressure race, which is good considering I’ve never run one before. Also, I’ve never been a great runner and after breaking my foot in 2011 I’ve mostly stuck to interval runs. So, although I’ve definitely run well over 3 miles at a time since 2011, I just haven’t done them contiguously.  I’ve been working this week to increase the length of my intervals and so far my foot seems to be doing o.k. I know I could just sign up and walk the part I wasn’t able to run…but I just really don’t want to do that. If I’m going to sign up for a race I want to run the whole thing in a reasonable amount of time. So stay tuned…


Tuesday’s with Morrie is still meeting weekly for trivia. Recently they changed the trivia night from Tuesday to Wednesday, but “Wednesday’s with Morrie” just doesn’t have the same ring for us. Also, the Chicago-area league play has started, and since we registered as “Tuesday’s with Morrie” we are kind of stuck with it. But that’s o.k. because we have been doing pretty great since league play started…in fact at the beginning of this week we were second throughout the whole Chicago-area. Unfortunately this was not our best week, so we will likely fall in the rankings next week…

In other news, check out the awesome poster Kayla made for our group!


Yep. She made me Thor. It’s the hair…and my proclivity for making ridiculous faces in pictures


Well that’s it for now. Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Geoff W
    May 03, 2013 @ 10:26:37

    Definitely glad I scrolled to the end and didn’t just close after I got distracted actually doing work! The Thor picture was definitely worth it.


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