Thursday Thoughts 23.0: Michael Buble Concert Edition

Happy Thursday everyone! After coming back from my DC work trip, I left three days later for a quick trip home. I had a fabulous time at home and am now trying to establish some sense of normalcy after about a month and a half of non-stop work and travel. Thus, my “thoughts” list will be shorter this week…



Last Saturday my cousin Keith married his beautiful bride Felicity. They had a beautiful ceremony and reception, but being the bad blogger that I am the only picture I snapped was this gem of my parents dancing:


Mom has already indicated that she isn’t crazy about this picture, but I like it because they look happy 🙂

It was so nice to be there for the ceremony and great to see family again!


On Sunday evening, Mom and I attended the Michael Buble (MB) concert. We have both been fans for a long time, and had been waiting for him to go on another US tour. I was so excited when I heard he was going to perform in Kansas City, and that Mom and I had scored 18th row seats!

We arrived at the Sprint Center early since we had to get our tickets at the box office. Unfortunately last weekend was one of the hottest of the year–it was around 100 when we were getting the tickets. So, we decided to cool off at a nearby bar in the Power and Light district while waiting for the doors to open:


Excited to go to the concert!

Finally, it was time for the doors to open:


Man it was soooo hot outside

After the doors opened (and we experienced the blessed A/C) we had to wait in the lobby for about another 20 minutes. This gave me a perfect opportunity to snap a few photos with “Michael”:


Eventually we were able to get into the arena and down to the floor to our seats. We had a great view of the stage:




The warm-up group for Michael was Naturally 7, and they were AWESOME. This amazing group performs what they call “vocal play” which means they not only sing their own songs but also provide their own accompaniment via their voices. I couldn’t believe how much their voices could sound like instruments–especially the “guitarist”. You should definitely check them out if they are ever in your area.


Finally it was time for MB to perform. He opened with the Little John Wille hit “Fever”, which began with an awesome (and somewhat startling) burst of flames. Immediately after that he played one of my favorites, “Haven’t Met You Yet.”


He also played some of my other favorites like “It’s a Beautiful Day” and “Feeling Good”:


In the middle of the concert he left the main stage and performed a few songs on a smaller stage at the back of the floor section with Naturally 7. On his way back to the main stage he covered The Beatles “All You Need is Love” and a TON of heart shaped confetti was dropped on the audience (which was kind of fun):


Overall I had a really great time and Michael put on a great show! Thanks so much for being my concert buddy mom!!!!!


Have a great weekend everyone!


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