Greek-Lemon Chicken Soup

Hello World!!!!  I’m in the middle of writing my Ph.D. thesis, and fully expect the sporadic posting schedule to continue. However, I have grown to enjoy the convenience of having my favorite recipes available to me in one location whenever I want them (or whenever I have WiFi access), so I’m popping in quickly on this Friday to add another entry in my online recipe book.

This soup, which is known as Avgolemono in Greek, has quickly become a new favorite lunch dish. I adapted this recipe from a couple of sources, and finally have it just the way I like it. I love that this soup is very similar to chicken noodle soup (which I love), but has orzo pasta and a nice tang from the lemon juice to give some variety!  Enjoy!


Greek-Lemon Chicken Soup

Adapted from: Food Network & Good Housekeeping (February 2015)

Lemony-Greek Chicken Soup



2-3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

2 qt. water

½ teaspoon poultry seasoning

2 large carrots, sliced

2 teaspoons salt (optional)

1 teaspoon ground pepper


1 bunch green onion, thinly sliced

2 tablespoons olive oil

2/3 cup orzo pasta

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

2 large eggs


In a stock pot, boil base ingredients for 1 hour.

Meanwhile, heat the oil in a separate pan over medium heat and add the onions. Cook the onions about 5 minutes, and then set aside.

When chicken is tender and cooked through, remove from broth and cut into 1 inch pieces and set aside. If the liquid has reduced too much you should add some more water at this point (I usually add about 1 quart of water).

After the chicken has been removed from the broth (and additional water added), set aside 2 cups of broth. Then, add the orzo pasta to the gently boiling broth and cook to al dente. Note: my box of orzo recommends under-cooking the orzo by 1-3 minutes since it will continue to cook in the soup after its “cooking” time.

While the orzo is cooking, beat the lemon juice and eggs together in a bowl. Pour the 2 cups of broth slowly into the bowl, whisking continuously. Once all the broth is incorporated, add the mixture into the pot. Finally, return the chicken to the pot and stir to blend well throughout. Serve hot.



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  1. biblioglobal
    Jun 20, 2015 @ 08:02:29

    Good luck with the writing!


  2. exlibrisheather
    Jun 21, 2015 @ 16:38:25

    Thanks! It’s going to be a race to the finish!


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