Thursday Thoughts (On a Friday) 26.0

Whoops! I missed my Thursday post (again), so I’m doing it on Friday instead!



Last weekend I took a trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan. Honestly, I kind of expected it to already be a snow covered tundra by the time I got there (even though it was only mid October), so I was pleasantly surprised by the sights that awaited me. It was so pretty and scenic!


We spent some of our time exploring the towns of Hancock and Houghton. We stopped in a coffee shop, and ate in a few of the cafes/restaurants. I was a big fan of this pretty (and tasty) hot chocolate:


I also spent some time playing with my new favorite puppy, Snoop. It took us a bit of time to adjust to each other, but we quickly became friends:


Throw me the toy already, human

As I mentioned above, I was SO surprised by how pretty it was outside. As someone who was not raised in a place with a lot of water, it was awesome to wake up to this view everyday:


Initially, I was called to the window to see “a ship”, which I assumed was a sailboat or something. So you can image my surprise at seeing a giant ship (barge?) right out back. This giant ship/barge (clearly I’m an expert at using nautical terminology) brought a load of salt for the roads in the winter. It spent hours unloading:


I guess a salt barge in itself isn’t that interesting, but it was kind of surprising to see it it literally right out the back door!

On Saturday we took a drive up the Brockway Mountain Drive to Brockway Mountain. It was a beautiful, sceanic drive with fantastic views of Lake Superior and Copper Harbor. We also saw a rainbow!


It took like 50 tries to get one without me squinting


Lake Superior


Copper Harbor

Overall I had a great weekend–the UP (i.e. Upper Peninsula) totally exceeded my expectations!


Halloween Nail art:


Base/Top Coat: Sally Hansen Flawless

Nail polish: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed

Nail Detail: Sally Hansen Midnight in NY


I suffered a sad loss this morning. My dependable Mr. Coffee stopped working after over 8 years of loyal service.


Yes I happened to be this coffee shirt

Honestly, I’m a little sad. It will be nice to get a new one, but I will miss the one that got me through undergrad, a stint at NASA, and most of grad school. Farewell Mr. Coffee, and thank you for helping me get through many a long day.


That’s it for now. Have a great weekend everyone and go Chiefs!


Happy Birthday Daddy!

Uh oh….someone turned another year older today!!!! Happy Birthday Daddy!

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you, the man who gave me my love of coffee:

Pikes Peak, 2007.


Christmas Eve 2010


I’m sure this hard-hitting work won the blue ribbon


Pearl Harbor, 2010

the appreciation of a good party

Love that sweater-vest Jen

And of course the ability to be a free-thinker

Be careful what you wish for!

I hope you have a great birthday! I love you always!

Thursday Thoughts 10.0

The weeks keep on flying by…Today I’m linking up with Sarah and sharing my Thursday Thoughts!



Uggg…this week has been filled with REALLY tedious lab work. Basically it involves me taking a 0.025 mm diameter piece of gold wire, painting it with indium via a soldering iron, and carefully (and gently) pressing it to a sample with a wooden toothpick. Oh yea did I mention I do it all under a microscope? While this process is always tedious it doesn’t always give me THIS much trouble. Plus I have about 4 times the usual amount of samples to do. Joy. I made good progress yesterday though, so I’m hoping today will go just as well.


Speaking of tedious and annoying lab work…in the pursuit of finishing this project up I sacrificed my beautiful manicure that I gave myself last week. Apparently my fingers were a little closer to the microscope lamp then I realized (and probably for longer than I realized as well). All I know is that at one point I sat up in my chair and was trying to take my lab gloves off when I realized that they wouldn’t come off because the polish on several of the nails had melted to them. Yes that’s right…melted.

Since I don’t really need gloves for this particular procedure, I quit wearing them (not surprisingly my dexterity also went up about 150%). I also decided that I’m not re-doing my nails until I am done with this project. If that’s not motivation to get-er-done I don’t know what is!


Late last week a very traumatic event occurred in my life…I was separated from my beloved coffee thermos for nearly 12 hours. It happened late Thursday afternoon when I had gone to the library to read some journal articles (like the good little grad student that I am), and was interrupted from my scholarly thoughts by a pushy library aide informing me that library was closing (our library has stupid hours during the summer session). I had a few textbooks that I wanted to check out so I rushed down to the circulation desk, and apparently set my thermos down on the floor in front of the counter (and out of my direct line of vision). They were really in a hurry to get me out of the library and so in my haste to get out of there I left the thermos behind.

Once I realized my mistake I was heartbroken. Not only was this thermos a gift from my dad, it also held 8 cups of coffee (and it is surprisingly hard to find thermos’s that big these days). Also, losing this thermos brought back memories of The Great Coffee Thermos Incident of 2008 (in which I lost a similar giant thermos). Luckily unlike 2008, this story has a happy ending…WE WERE REUNITED! The pushy library aide found my thermos and put it behind the front desk for me.


Friday night I’m going to see Gotye live in concert! I’m very excited! Not only do I love Gotye, but this will also be the first live show I’ve seen in Chicago (other than the Chicago Symphony Orchestra).


That’s all for now. Have a great weekend everyone!