I’m Still Alive!!!!!!

Tap, tap…is thing on?! I know it has been quite some time since I last posted, but I’m finally breaking radio silence to share some good news with you all–I’m still here!!!! SO MANY LIFE THINGS have happened since I last posted…in June. In fact, I was in the process of finishing a post for one of those things in August when Wilhelm broke my laptop. I wish I was kidding…he’s lucky he’s so gosh darn cute!

He's lucky he's so gosh darn cute!

I hope to update soon on some of these life events that have been keeping me busy: my PhD defense, my engagement, a trip to Germany, a cross country move, and a new job (!)…to name a few. It’s been fabulous. It’s been incredible. It’s been exhausting.

I’ve been keeping up with all your blogs (even if I’ve been terrible about commenting) and am excited to be back!


Meet Wilhelm!

The time has come to reveal my best kept blog secret (not that its been difficult to keep since I have such a sporadic posting schedule)…I got a dog!!!!! Meet Wilhelm everyone!

photo 1

Wilhelm (we decided to keep the name his former owners had given him) is an almost 3 year old standard poodle. We adopted him from a couple who took new jobs and could no longer care for him, and he arrived the first week of March.

The first few days were exciting and surreal–I’ve always wanted a dog and couldn’t believe I finally had one (after all those years of waiting…thanks Dad! :P). It was strange and a little scary at first to realize that I was in charge of a living being. I got over that pretty quickly, but it was weird for a few days!

In the first few days that we had him, we got to experience lots of pet-parent “firsts,” such as the realization that the puppy needed to be groomed.


However, he also had to be up-to-date on all of his shots before the groomer would accept him, so we took a trip to the vet!


It was sort of weird to let them take my puppy away to go do all the medical things, but he was a such a trooper. After getting his shots (and some medicine for some other health issues), he was finally ready to head to the groomers!

Before (i.e. clueless, happy, no idea of what’s to come):


After (i.e. “why did you leave me there?” and “I’m too pretty now to smile”):


I loved the new look–he was so pretty and glossy and he smelled like a tangerine. And he was SO soft. 🙂

Other than the grooming and health issues, we’ve been having a blast getting to know our new dog! We spend lots of time playing fetch:

photo 1

He also loved playing in the snow (although I for one am glad it’s gone!):

photo 2-1

Wilhelm is also always willing to “help” me exercise…

photo 2

…and take a nap with him when we are pooped at the end of the day!

photo 3-1

In general, Wilhelm is a super easy-going dog and as my sister says “always looks ready for anything.” He even takes baths somewhat willingly (although there is some initial hesitation when the water turns on). Bath time before:

photo 4

Bath time after:

photo 1-1

Clearly, we’ve learned a lot in the past two months. One thing we are still working on is how to photograph our really black dog with our crappy apartment lighting. Case in point:

photo 2

Upon viewing this picture my friend Kayla remarked: “It looks like he’s hugging a shadow!” Too true Kayla, too true.

Wilhelm, we love having you in our family now. You have so much energy and are so enthuastic–every day is an adventure!

photo 1-2

I couldn’t ask for a better first dog!

photo 2-2