Thursday Thoughts (On a Friday) 25.0

Whoops! I missed my Thursday post, so I’m doing it on Friday instead!



Last weekend my parents were in town and we had a good, albeit busy, weekend. Friday evening we went to Dave’s Italian Kitchen, where we caught up and enjoyed some delicious Italian food. On Saturday morning, we got up early to take my car in for some maintenance, and had breakfast at the always delicious Dixie Kitchen. In the afternoon we ran a few errands and I stopped by a football tailgate (more on that in a minute). For dinner, we traveled into the city to enjoy some delicious German food at Berghoff:


Aww, aren’t they cute!?


Yes, this giant pretzel was as delicious as it looks!

Sunday morning began with a simple mission: find somewhere to watch the Kansas City Chiefs game. I did some quick googling and found Toons, which is the the Chicago-area Chiefs bar. We put on our finest Chiefs attire and caught the train into the city. After a short walk, we turned the corner onto Southport Street and immediately knew we had found the correct bar since this guy was waiting out front:


The bar was really hoppin’ by the time we got there (a little after the game started) and there weren’t any tables free (not a huge shock considering we were 4-0 at that time), but luckily there was some standing room near the shuffleboard table in back. This actually ended up being kind of perfect because we had a table for our drinks and somewhere to lean/sit.




It was a great game, and a great place to be for a Chiefs win!


As I mentioned above, I made a brief detour Saturday afternoon to a tailgate for the Ohio State vs Northwestern game. There was good food, music, friends, and for a while the weather cooperated…


…until it didn’t. Not long after this lovely picture was taken it began to pour. Then there was scary lightening, so we quickly moved the tailgate indoors to an undisclosed location. The rain didn’t dampen the fun, but it did make getting home in time to leave for Berghoff tricky. Luckily, my super awesome Dad braved the rain and came to pick me up. Thanks Dad, you’re awesome!


Tuesday’s with Morrie (the trivia team I play on) played a good round of trivia on Tuesday. As I mentioned previously, we had to move locations since the other bar quit hosting trivia. This new bar definitely offers better prizes, and they even have a few “bonus” questions. For the bonus questions, they give some kind of number question (i.e. name the capacity of the Ohio State football stadium) and the team that most closely estimates the real answer instantly wins a bonus prize. Sometimes the prizes are super awesome (like free shots or a pair of Blackhawks tickets), so we were stoked when we won a bonus prize this week. Sadly, we did not win any adult beverages or hockey tickets…instead we won a giant trashbag of popcorn.

Bonus Prize

Photo credit: Kayla

Wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhhh. Overall, it was a good week for trivia and we took second overall!


That’s it for now. Have a great weekend everyone and go Chiefs!