Checking In

Psst…remember me? Yes, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted either! Wow! Life has kept me VERY busy this past month(ish), and it doesn’t seem that the pace is going to lessen any time soon. The following is a small smattering of the things that have been occupying my time:

1) A visit from my family over memorial day weekend. Yes, I know that was a really long time ago now, but that was sort of the beginning of the end of my regular posting (apparently). We had a great time and I plan to re-cap our adventures in a post soon (because posting about things that happened 1+ month ago is the way blogging is supposed to work right? 😉 ).

2) Work. I was VERY busy most of June preparing samples for a research trip that I took at the end of June.

3) The Research Trip. During the last two weeks of June I traveled to Washington, D.C. to take measurements on the samples I mentioned in number 2. The trip was successful, and I will returning to D.C. at the end of August to continue (and hopefully finish!) the work I started there.

4) Enjoying summer in Chicago. It’s been beautiful folks.

In short, life has been busy, but life has been good. I hope to get back to my normal semi-regularish posting schedule soon. I’ve missed my little corner of the interwebs. Thanks again to all of you who have asked how I am doing/when I will be posting again. I am indeed alive and will be posting more soon!