Thursday Thoughts 31.0

Happy 2014 everyone! I’m so excited to be getting in a Thursday Thoughts post on a Thursday without it being a monthly recap post. Now if only I can actually stick to this schedule every week in 2014…Ha! It probably won’t happen but a girl can always dream right? 😉



Can I take a minute of your time and talk about how awful the weather has been? I’m sure you are sick of hearing about it, but I wanted to share some images my friend Dana took (since she is way braver than me) of Chicago-land (i.e. “Chiberia”) during the so-called “polar vortex.”  They do an excellent job of showcasing the extremely harsh, but strangely beautiful conditions we have been dealing with:


Photo Credit: Dana


Photo Credit: Dana

The past week has been without a doubt the coldest weather I have experienced in my life, and I wouldn’t mind at all if I never did again. The good news is we might hit near 40 F this weekend–it’ll practically feel like summer weather!


After having a wonderful and relaxing break over the holidays, I’ve been trying to get back in the swing of things at work. I have set some ambitious goals for myself this year, namely getting a manuscript completed soon, and I’m trying to stick to my daily “to-do” list to get things done. Hopefully I can keep at it, and 2014 will be a productive year for me.


New Years Nail Art:


Base/Top Coat: Sally Hansen Flawless

Nail polish: Sally Hansen Midnight in NY, Essie Good as Gold, Essie Silver Bullions


Last weekend, before the terrible cold moved in, I finally got to meet my sister’s BFF Tanya


I had heard so much about her, and it was awesome to finally meet her. We had a great time talking and ate delicious guacamole and tacos at Mercadito.


On Sunday we played our first game of Battlestar Galactica. It was a very (very) unlucky game for the humans (of which I was one).


So many cylon ships attacking us!!!!

Needless to say, we (the humans) didn’t win but I still had a great time.


Hope the new year is treating you right!


Thursday Thoughts 16.0

It’s hard to believe it’s Thursday already, or that its been a week since I last posted! My only excuse is that I developed a cold late last week, and it has taken me the better part of this week to really get rid of it. Regardless, here is a quick update:



So remember that fellowship renewal package that I mentioned last week? Well I read the fine print after I wrote that blog post and it required double the work from last year. Whoops. So of course it took me WAY longer than expected to finish. Not to mention the fact that I developed that cold AND a little bit of anxiety about how sequestration would affect my fellowship. Nevertheless I did get it done, and my fears about sequestration were somewhat alleviated by an email from my agency stating that the fellowship program would likely not be affected by the budget cuts.


As per usual lately I don’t have a pretty nail art picture for you. However, I did (finally) successfully master the “tape peel” technique used to create stripes. Turns out the trick to getting the hang of that is painter’s tape. I’d read that several places over the past few months, but only recently actually decided to track down the tape. I gave myself this manicure last week, but never took any good pictures of it (and now it’s all flaking off):


If I had did this one again, I’d definitely make the stripes wider…


Ugg computers!  My laptop has had multiple issues for quite some time, and I had been putting off getting them fixed. Over the weekend while I was working on my renewal package, my computer over-heated multiple times and did not want to reboot. So I sucked it up and called Dell Tech support. This over heating problem has been an issue for a while, and it has only been getting worse as time goes on. However, it is not one of those computer problems that you can easily point to (i.e. I can’t easily force it to overheat while Dell is on the phone with me), so it took about two hours of various diagnostic tests and pleading to get them to agree to come out, which only worked because my touch pad buttons also happened to be malfunctioning.

Fast forward to yesterday–my Dell technician shows up about 8 a.m. (after a miscommunication and an internet scheduling error had messed things up the day before). He has several largeish boxes in hand, and announces that they have “basically sent me a new laptop without the case” after opening them. This seemed awesome–maybe those two hours I spent on the phone with Dell on Sunday were worth it! Then, the technician proceeds to spend the next 3 hours disassembling and reassembling my entire laptop (several times). After he leaves, I start to plug all of my gadgets backs in and then I make a terrible discovery: none of the USB ports or the headphone jack on the right hand side of the laptop work anymore!!!

Crap. So I call the technician back and he says that it is likely one of the new parts they sent him was “dead on arrival” and that I should call Dell back and have them send another part. Keep in mind that the part that is broken now (which the technician replaced from the new batch Dell sent him) had never given me issues in the first place. Great. So I call Dell back and spend ANOTHER hour on the phone with them convincing them to send me this new part (to fix the replacement part which didn’t need replacing in the first place!). So, the saga continues..


I’m going to do something right now that I have never done in the history of this blog: admit my dad was right about something. Yes, you all read that correctly. Dad was right….about this one thing. There, I said it.

So way back in 2011, I broke my foot (in a really stupid way). I wore a boot cast for like 6 months, and then went to physical therapy for about 3 months. At the time, I was under 26 and had health insurance both through my school and my dad’s company. Every appointment I went to I paid a $20 co-pay. Honestly, this did not bother me a whole lot because I REALLY needed the physical therapy. I could barely walk across a room without the boot cast when I started it…Anyway Dad was insistent that I was overpaying. He bugged me about it constantly, and I eventually asked the physical therapy company for an itemized bill. They sent it to me…all 40 pages of it. So, being the proactive and thorough individual that I am I just gave up. Well last night the matter was settled once and for all when I checked my mail and saw a very large check from the physical therapy company. Turns out I did overpay…a lot.

So Dad, you were right and I was wrong. Just don’t expect this to happen again anytime soon :p


Tuesday night was a sad night…because there was NO TRIVIA! We had a big snowstorm on Tuesday and they cancelled trivia…of course we didn’t find that out until after we’d already ordered dinner. Oh well. It was going to be a tough battle anyway because there were only 2 of us present. Next week everyone should be there and we will be ready to take back the victory (I hope).


Snow, cars, and big city living. Oh my!!!

As mentioned in #5, we had a big snow storm blow through town this week. Anytime we get a largeish snow (6-10ish inches in a day), the city will call a “Snow Emergency” which means that for certain days, no parking is allowed on one side of the street. There are few driveways where I live, so everyone parks on the street. Therefore, anytime a Snow Emergency is called it’s a pretty major inconvenience. This is not only because there are fewer spots in which to park (and it can seem impossible to find one even on a good day) but also because if there is enough snow to warrant calling an “emergency” that means it’s going to be difficult to dig a car out. And it was. Oh it was. It took me about hour for me to get mine out, and that was with a push from a kind passerby. Humph.

Anyway, today was day #2 of the Snow Emergency. I moved my car before 8 am (as required), and went back in my apartment to get ready for the day. By the time I began my walk to school, they had already blocked off the street and were towing a whole block’s worth of cars. I counted no less than 8 tow trucks! Man that would be a REALLY bad way to start your morning!


Well that’s it for now. Have a great weekend everyone!