My Summer ’12 Bucket List

Hello out there! I do still exist! With the end of the quarter approaching (boo final projects!) and my research group presentation looming, I have barely had a spare minute the past few weeks. But, I am happy to say that they are O-V-E-R. I’m free (sorta)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now that summer has “officially” started for me, I thought I’d make a list of things I hope to accomplish this summer. I realize this is far from an original idea (hello to all you other bloggers who have posted similar lists!), but it seemed like the perfect way for me to celebrate my first day of freedom! Happy Summer everyone!


Summer ’12 Bucket List

1. Run 25 miles in one month

To a serious runner this might seem like a silly goal, but for me it would be a big accomplishment. Between my crazy schedule, and trying to get back into running after breaking my foot last year I have yet to accomplish this. Last month I only ran 18 miles, and this month is not shaping up to be much better (again, darn you finals!). I hope that by July I will be able to run 25 miles in a month, and maybe I”ll be able to keep it up into August!

2. Read 2 books off the BBC’s “The Big Read” list

I’ve been working away at this list for probably about two years now, and I’ve only managed to read about 30 books off of it. Last year, I made really great progress, but the allure of flashy new books (I want to be able to talk about the latest and greatest with everyone else!) has distracted me this year. So this summer, I pledge to read:

The Great Gatsby by Scott F. Fitzgerald


Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

3. Watch a concert at Ravinia

This outdoor venue hosts many great shows all summer long, and some of them (including The Chicago Symphony Orchestra) are free for me because I’m a student!

4. Attend a Chicago Street Festival

There are all kinds of festivals and events that go on in Chicago all summer long. I’m determined to make it to at least one of them this year!

5. Go to the beach (at least once)

I bought a beach pass last summer, and broke my foot one week later. FAIL. Thus, there was no “fun in the sun” for me all summer. So, this year I hope hit the beach at least once. I live so close to it, it would be a shame not to.

6. Bake a pie

I’m ready to announce it on the internet…I’ve never made a pie (other than the Sara Lee “throw it in the oven” versions…). I hope to rectify this by making something super delicious this summer!

7. Try new restaurants and bars in Chicago

As much as I like to think I’m adventurous (and I do love doing/trying new things!), I am also somewhat a creature of habit. This certainly extends to venturing to new neighborhoods in the city, especially when it’s so much easier to stay close to home. However, this summer I’d like to see some new neighborhoods and try some different places.

8. Go to a Chicago blues club

Chicago is famous for its blues music, and I know there are several great places around the city to listen to it live. A trip to a blues club has been suggested by a member of my lab group, so this might actually happen soon!

9. Do some kind of Nature hike or outdoorsy thing

I spend almost all of my waking hours indoors, and many of these are spent in windowless labs and offices. So, this summer I’d like to get a little vitamin D and see more of the great outdoors!

10. Try a new summer cocktail

In the same vein as my tendency to visit  restaurants and bars close to home, I also tend to get the same drinks when I go out. Usually, I opt for whatever is cheapest (Bud light anyone?), but I know I’m missing out on lots of delicious concoctions.


Well, that’s my list! I’ll check back around labor day to see how I did. What’s on your list for the summer?